We recognize the lives, courage and work of all these blessed souls who knew Antinous in life, who died for the cause of Homosexuality, and who devoted their lives to the defense and promotion of our Love. For their work and for the sacrifice of their lives, we proclaim them Saints and Martyrs as an example to all who believe in the sanctity of Same-Sex Love. In the Name of Antinous, we honor and bless the memory of these great spirits, our forefathers and foremothers. We call upon them to watch over us, and to strengthen our cause, that the holiness of our sexuality will take its place in the world again. In memory of the martyrs who gave their lives, willingly and unwillingly for us, we dedicate ourselves to Antinous and the living spirit of Homoeros.


(Those who were killed, murdered or executed for being LGBTQ)

Louvernios of Lindow
The Knights Templar
Charlie Howard

Brandon Teena
Matthew Shepard
Billy Jack Gaither
Mahmoud Asgari
Ayaz Marhoni
Farid Mostaar
Ahmad Chooka
Lawrence King

Daniel Zamudio
Brandon Charles Kocis

João Antônio Donati
Ramon Estrada
Bryan Higgins
Ahmed Said
Dwone Anderson Young
Alexandre Ivo
Anthony Avalos, 10
Hamoudi al-Mutairi, 14
David Spencer
Blaze Bernstein, 19
Bruno Lenoir
Jean Diot

Sodomites Burned at the Stake
Men of the Pink Triangle
Those Lost to AIDS

365 Brazilian Martyr Saints of 2014
49 Victims of Pulse Nightclub



(Those who took their own life because they were LGBTQ)

Justin Aaberg, 15
Billy Lucas, 15
Seth Walsh, 13
Asher Brown, 13
Tyler Clementi, 18
Raymond Chase, 19
Kenneth Weishuhn Jr., 14

Eric James Borges, 19
Phillip Parker, 14
Jacob Rogers, 18
Jeffrey Fehr, 18
Nicholas Kelo, 13
Jack Reese, 17

Draven Rodriguez, 17
Alexander “AJ” Betts Jr, 16
Josh Pacheco, 17
Leelah Alcorn, 17
Jamel Myles, 9



(LGBTQ people who fought for and died for our Cause)

The Sacred Band of Thebes
St. Sebastian
St. Sergius and St. Bacchus
Apollonius and Philemon
Joan of Arch
Padraig Pearse
Harvey Milk
Tori Johnson
Marielle Franco
Leo Antonio Michels Ostrovsky

Hans Scholl
Federico Garcia Lorca
Ramon Novarro
Alan Turing
Sal Mineo
Pierre Paulo Pasolini
Mychal Fallon Judge
Zak Kostopoulos

Laura Ann Carleton


(The Seven Ancient Priests of Antinous)

Julius Fidus Aquila, Priest of Antinoopolis
Aristotimos, Priest of Delphi
Hostilius Marcellus, Priest of Corinth
Isidoros Didymus, Priest of Alexandria
Nicias, Priest of Rome
Publius Sufenas, Priest of Naples
Marcus Domitius Euphemus, Priest and Mystagoge of Bithynion-Claudiopolis



(Those who were Dedicated to Antinous, or participated in his Religion)

Mesomedes of Crete, Musician, Poet
The Citharode of Curium,
Polemo of Smyrna, Sophist, friend of Hadirian
L. Flavius Arrianus, Consul, poet, friend of Hadrian
C. Claudius Julianus, dedicant of Stratoniceia
Julius Saturninus, dedicant of Ancyra
Veturius of Mantineia, convener of the games of Mantineia
C. Julius Eurycles, dedicants in Mantineia
Aurelius Horion, convener of the games in Oxyrhynchus
Antoninianus of Aphrodisias, sculptor of the Lanuvium relief
L. Funisulanus Vettonianus, custodian of Antinous-Dionysus
Isochrysus and his son Dochis, dedicants of Mantineia
M. Lucios Flacos, dedicant of the Hero Antinous
Serapammon and Ptolemais, lovers consecrated to Antinous
L. Caesennius Rufus, founder of the Lanuvium Temple
Nicantinous and Demetrius, teen wrestlers who competed in the Antinous games

Warren Lee Williamson - (June 2, 1939 - March 13, 2012)
Lord Maluk Xzivikus-Meek - (May 3, 1970 - August 20, 2012)
O. James Napier - (January. 10, 1967- July 17, 2018)


(Those who wrote about, studied or artistically portrayed Antinous)

Cardinal Allesandro Albani, art collector
Anton Rafael Mengs, artist
Johann Joachim Winckelmann, archaeologist
Fray Bartolomeo de las Casas, catholic author
Oscar Wilde, writer
John Addington Symonds, writer

Albert Gayet, Egyptologist
Montague Summers, poet
Charles Kains Jackson, writer
Royston Lambert, author of Beloved and God
Allen Ginsberg, poet
Robert Mapplethorpe, artist
Margot Adler, pagan author



(LGBTQ people who made a significant impact on society)

The Red Lady of Paviland, 33,000 year old male “transgender” shaman
, lover of Dionysus
Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep, ancient egyptian couple
David, King of Israel
Sappho of Lesbos, poetess
Plato, philosopher
Aristotle, philosopher
Phaedo of Elis, philosopher
Damon and Pythias, Pythagorean initiates

Harmodius and Aristogeiton, Gay couple who overthrew the tyrant of Athens
Polemon and Krates, followers of Plato
Anacreon, poet
Pindar, poet
Theocritus, poet
Bion, poet
Achilles Tatius, poet
Philip II, King of Macedonia
Bagoas, Lover of Alexander
Nicomedes IV, King of Bithynia
Carpocrates, Gnostic Father
Catullus, Poet
Petronius Arbiter, Author of the Satyricon
Hierocles, lover of Elagabalus

Aelred of Rievaulx, Cistercian Monk and writer
Jalalu'ddin Rumi, mystic poet
Edward II. King of England
Piers Gaveston, lover of Edward II

Marsilio Fincio, renaissance neoplatonist
Angelo Poliziano, Renaissance scholar
Giovanni Pico della Mirandolla, Renaissance scholar

Leonardo da Vinci, artist
Michelangelo Buanarotti, artist
Agnolo Bronzio, artist
Guido Reni, artist

Michelangelo Merisi Carravagio, artist
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, poetess nun
Jean-Baptiste Lully, composer

Christina of Sweden, Queen of Sweden
Louis de Bourbon, Comte de Vermandois, French Royal

George Frederick Handel, composer
Bartolomeo Cavaceppi, sculptor
Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, Revelotionary War Hero
Jean-Jacque Regis de Cambaceres, wrote the Napoleanic Code
Hiraga Gennai, author
The Chevalier d'Eon, spy
Thomas Cannon, author of first gay pamphlet

Walt Whitman, poet
Hans Christian Anderson, writer
Marcel Proust, author of Remembrance of Things Past
Richard Burton, translated 1001 Arabian Nights
Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm II, King of Bavaria
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, writer
Magnus Hirschfeld, gay revolutionary
Edward Carpenter, writer
George Cecil Ives, founder of the Order of Chaeronea
Paul Verlaine, poet
Arthur Rimbaud, poet

Sascha Schneider, artist
Simeon Solomon, artist
Lozen, apache warrioress

William Dorsey Swann, born as slave, early gay rights activist, first Queen of Drag
Serge Diagelev
, Empresario of the Ballet Russe
Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich, Russian royal
Archduke Ludwig Viktor of Austria , Austrian Royal
Vaslav Nijinsky, dancer
El Nino Fidencio, folk healer
Herbert List, photographer
Joseph Christian Leyendecker, artist
Cavafy, poet
Jean Genet, author of Our Lady of the Flowers
Rudolf Nureyev, dancer
James Dean, actor
Aleister Crowley, mystic
Laurence Olivier, actor
James Whale, director of Frankenstein
Danny Kaye, actor
John Gielgud, actor
Roger Peyrefitte, writer
George Quaintance,artist
João Francisco dos Santos, drag performer, capoeirista
Andy Warhol, artist
Bruce Bellas, photographer
Nick Drake, musician
Cristobal Balenciaga, designer
Darby Crash, musician
John Vernon, politician
John Eberhardt, guest house owner
Al Parker, porn star and director
Tom of Finland
, artist
Kurt Cobain, musician
John Boswell, gay historian
Edmund Buczynski, founder of the Minoan Brotherhood
Mark Morrisroe, artist
Christine Jorgensen, 1st public transgender
Divine, Drag Queen
Freddie Mercury, musician

Sylvester, musician
Herve Guibert, author
River Phoenix, actor
Richie Edwards, musician
Harry Hay, founder of the Radical Fairies
Regina Fong, drag performer
Francis Bacon, artist
Yukio Mishima, poet
Herbert Tobias, photographer

Joey Stefano, porn actor
Shi Pei Pu, drag queen spy
Klaus Nomi, artist
Pedro Paulo Zamora, television celebrity
Danny Cockerline, Porn actor, AIDS activist
Glenn Burke, baseball player

Alair Gomes, photographer
Jean-Daniel Cadinot, film maker
Bayard Rustin, activist

Alexander McQueen, designer
Rudolf Brazda, Last Gay Survivor of Nazi Concentration Camps

Chavela Vargas, Mexican singer
Brian Sewell, art critic
Luchino Visconti, director
Pete Burns, musician
Juan Gabriel, musician
Mary Renault, authur
George Michael, musician
Tab Hunter, Actor

Scotty Bowers, bartender
Paul Lynde
, actor
John Giorno, AIDS activist
Eduardo Albarella, Miss Bia Stylist Artist, Drag Performer
Jorge Luiz Souza Lima, aka Jorge Lafond, actor comedian drag performer

James Williams, activist

Paulo Gustavo, actor-comedian

James Alan Bidgood, film maker
Leslie Jordan, actor
Kenneth Anger, film maker



(Mythological and Historical LGBT who were elevated to Godliness)

Ganymede, beloved of Jupiter
Hercules, Hero of mankind
Attis, transgender youth
Iolus, Lover of Hercules
Hylas, Lover of Hercules
Hyacinth, Lover of Apollo
Cyparissus, Youth turned to tree
Tiresias, Transgender seer
Achilles, Warrior
Patroclus, Lover of Achilles
Calamus, Youth turned into a reed
Carpos, Lover of Calamus
Ampelos, Lover of Dionysus
Alexander the Great, Conqueror
Hephaestion, Lover of Alexander
Polydeukion, Divinized lover of Herodes Atticus



(The Divinized Imperial familiy who were LGBT or supported the Antinous religion)

Gaius Julius Caesar

Trajan, 17th Emperor of Rome
Plotina, Wife of Trajan
Hadrian, 18th Emperor of Rome
Sabina, Wife of Hadrian
Matidia, Mother of Sabina
Aelius Caesar, 19th Emperor of Rome
Antoninus Pius, 20th Emperor of Rome
Faustina I, Wife of Antoninus
Marcus Aurelius, 21st Emperor of Rome
Lucius Verus, 22nd Emperor of Rome
Faustina II, Wife of Marcus Aurelius
Lucilla, Wife of Lucius Verus
Commodus, 23rd Emperor of Rome
Elagabulus, 25th Emperor of Rome



The Circle of Hadrian and Antinous
(Those who knew Antinous during his life)

Macedo Caesernius, equestrial youth
Statianus Caesernius, equestrian youth
Lucius Vitalis, youth who died in Athens
Pancrates, writer of the lion hunt poem
Julia Balbilla, poetess
Favorinus of Arles
, philosopher
Phlegon of Tralles, writer



(Benefactors to the LGBTQ community, or who were advocates of paganism)

Epiphanes, Gnostic Teacher, son of Carpocrates
Marcellina, Follower of Carpocrates in Rome

Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, last pagan senator of Rome
The Prophet Mani
Hypatia of Alexandria, Pagan Martyr
Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, decrimilized homosexuality in Europe
C. G. Jung, psychiatrist
Heath Ledger, actor
Judy Garland, actress, musician

Hiram Keller, actor
Selena Quintania Perez, musician
Elizabeth Taylor, actress
Jonathan Vargas, aka San Padrino Endoque, Priest of Santa Muerte
Rev. Robert Wood, christisn author who advocated for gay rights
Judy Stevens, bartender and gay activist
Joe Bell, activist and father of Jadin Bell, who died by suicide



(Our beloved family and friends who will be given a place on the Barque of Millions of Years)

Klaus Witzeling
Henry Moses III
Steven Wilson Muniz
Kent Lee Meisinger