The Citizens of Antinoopolis




The ancient Religion of Antinous was officially refounded by a group of early Antinous believers led by Antonius Subia on October 30th 2002. The original name of the group was "Ecclesia Antinoi" and it was the first group of believers to re-institute the Cult of Antinous since ancient Rome.

The word Ecclesia refers to the democratic assembly of the citizens of ancient Athens, and is used in this sense to imply that all members of the community of Antinous believers are equal citizens in the spiritual City of Antinoopolis. The group has grown steadily over the years, but has remained informal, there is currently no initiation process or requirements, believers are free to come and go, to associate or not associate. This will soon change, as many members have expressed the desire for a more formal membership process.

The group is known known as TEMPLE OF ANTINOUS, which was the first name of the Antinous website, the first website ever to declair that Antinous was truly a god. The name of the faith is now "Religio Antinoi" to distinguish the practice from the organization name.

Membership in Temple of Antinous is free and open to anyone who has any interest in Antinous. It is recommended that one who wishes to be an informal member of Ecclesia Antinoi join the Temple of Antinous Facebook page.

A new system of formal membership has not yet been announced but will be coming soon.


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