The Sacred Cultus of Antinous The Gay God

All those who Love Antinous and take faith in his divinity are encouraged to join in the veneration of Antinous the God. It was by decree of Emperor Hadrian Augustus, that the apotheosis of Antinous to immortal, heroic godliness was accomplished. Hadrian officially proclaimed the deification of Antinous on October 30th of the year 130 CE and commanded that Temples be raised in honor of the New God. A priesthood was inaugurated and the religion of Antinous spread to every corner of the Roman Empire.

On October 30th, 2002, the modern Priesthood of Antinous, in piety and solemnity, declared the foundation of the New Religion of Antinous, and of the world-wide community of Antinous lovers and believers known as Ecclesia Antinoi. The modern faith of Antinous, known as Religio Antinoi, is a Gay Religion, but is open to any and all interpretation, and is open to any person regardless of belief, gender, race, nationality or sexual identification. Participation in Religio Antinoi is free and open to all. The Priesthood of Antinous does not assume a position of authority, nor require any form of oath, allegiance, monetary membership or adherence to a doctrine of belief.

Religio Antinoi is a medium in which to express and share in the Gay Spirituality of Antinous as a God of the eternal Roman Religion. It is for the love and veneration of Antinous that we invite all those who feel affection for Antinous, and believe in him, and are seeking an expression of Gay Spirituality with an ancient and glorious history, to join us in the remembrance of the beautiful Bithynian Boy who was deified by his lover, the Divine Emperor Hadrian Augustus.



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